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iRay D3

The iRay D3 takes dental radiography to a whole new level. With the ergonomic design of the iRay D3, you can point and shoot like a camera.

The iRay D3 works with film, digital sensors, and PS (photostimulable phosphor) plates. The iRay D3 is wireless, handheld, and completely mobile thus eliminating the need for designated X-ray machine rooms.

The iRay D3 is unlike conventional wall-mount and portable X-ray systems. The iRay D3 is handheld, lightweight, rechargeable, safe, and is completely mobile. The iRay D3 is dental professionals’ preferred X-ray system in and out of the office. With the iRay D3 every room is an X-ray room! 

IRay D3 Mobility

  • A camera like mobility and handheld design allows the system to be used in any room.
  • Ideal for use with children, special needs patients, clinical, hospital, home-health, nursing home, and out-of-office use.
  • Camera design is patient “friendly” just point and click.
  • Works with any radiographic medium: film, digital sensor, PS plates.
  • Operator Safe: Certified as SAFE TO -- USE BY HAND.

IRay D3 Affordability

  • The iRay D3 cost is less than conventional systems. The iRay D3 does not need special construction in terms of shielded rooms, chemical development and dedicating rooms for X-ray.
  • The iRay D3 in conjunction with the Rex2 sensor eliminates development charges, time spent developing film, and postage to mail images insurance providers as well as X-ray tech time.

Full unit Include:

  1. X-ray machine
  2. Two batteries
  3. Charger set
  4. Backscatter shield (Protection for the operator from the scattered radiation)
  5. Neck strap (Feel less weight and free hands and prevent dropping) - Optional
  6. Carrying bag
  7. User manual