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What is TeleDentistry? 
Tele dentistry, a subset of telehealth, refers to virtual
technologies and tactics paired with dental services to connect
a patient with their dentist.
• Direct to patient
• Dental-professional facilitated
• Real-time versus store-and-forward

Direct to patient refers to a live, two-way interaction between the dentist and the patient via (ideally) video-enabled phones, chats, emails and or other services. Dental professional facilitated refers to when a dental professional (typically a dental hygienist) is with the patient in one location while the dentist is in a different location. The hygienist collects and transmits information, images, and video to the dentist. The dentist can view this information in real-time (live, during visit) or at a later time (store-and-forward)

Where can teleDentistry occur?

Teledentistry can occur or be paired with services in all of the same places as mobile dentistry plus over the phone (ideally video-enabled).Or in some cases by email and other chat services. This can include Mobile vans that include equipment such as xray imaging, procart and telecart equipment and or help with second opinions from another primary dentist. 

What services can occur with teleDentistry?

TeleDentistry is the use of virtual tools to extend the possibilities and capabilities of mobile dentistry—it brings a dentist into the visit. This can be anything from a video call, other x-rays and dental records, Medical records, Treatment plans and other services that do not require touch to help the patient heal, recover or understand their dental health going forward. 

Think of teleDentistry as virtual dentistry. Services depend on:

• The people and providers involved in the visit

• The types of portable equipment being used

• Treatment planning

Diagnoses of disease via the completion of exams and other diagnostic procedures


With TeleDentistry and mobile dentistry we can increase services and meet the patients wherever they are.
We can collaborate with other fields such as xray imaging, disease and infection controls and provide maximum care without effect on others. Mobile dentistry and Tele Dentistry give us a patient first approach to maximize practices time, services and workforces. 

At DntlWorks We are commited to building a community of forward thinkers that believe in products that give patients the health and dental care they need, 


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