Engineering And Design


Provides a family of dental operatory systems to satisfy a range of immediate and long-term practice needs in a cost-effective manner.  These systems incorporate the latest in diagnostic and treatment capabilities and yet represent a very practical and ideal solution from beginning solo dental practices to larger practices.

Through modulariztion and by eliminating the more expensive aspects of plumbing and installation found in historical dental equipment design, these systems offer ideal freedom in choice of office location and mobility and can minimize start-up costs for new practices while extending treatment capabilities of patients beyond the office.


These systems were developed by evaluating the operatory equipment requirements from a fresh perspective.  The delivery units utilize integrated and dedicated compressor and vacuum systems perfectly sized to provide ample and consistent power at all times for that operatory.  This helps eliminate power fluctuations to the handpieces and degradation of suction strength that are possible with the use of central systems.  The compressor and vacuum systems incorporate patented technology that eliminates noise and provides high power to size ratios for compactness.


DNTLworks products are designed with quality, throughout for consistent and lasting performance.  Where applicable, we use reliable and performance tested pneumatic and vacuum components, hospital grade electrical wiring, baked-on powder coat paint for durable and scratch resistant surfaces and the highest grades of structural metals, materials and fasteners.