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Enbio S Autoclave System

Enbio S Autoclave System


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Introducing the Enbio S Autoclave System - your ultimate solution for sterilization efficiency and reliability. Engineered for seamless operation, this state-of-the-art autoclave system boasts impressive features tailored to meet the demands of modern medical facilities.

With rapid process times that include drying, you can count on swift sterilization from instrument insertion to readiness. Whether you're sterilizing unwrapped instruments at a blazing 273°F in just 7 minutes or opting for wrapped instruments with vacuum cycles at either 273°F in 15 minutes or 250°F in 45 minutes, efficiency is at the core of every cycle.

Designed to accommodate small instruments and handpieces, the Enbio S provides ample usable load space, ensuring optimal utilization with every cycle. Plus, with its reliance on distilled water from an external tank, you can trust in the purity of your sterilization process.

Versatility is key, and the Enbio S Autoclave System seamlessly integrates into any typical electrical outlet, offering convenience without compromise. Moreover, with automatic data archiving to a USB disk and dedicated software for process data analysis and printing, compliance and record-keeping become effortless tasks.

Powered by 110-120V AC/60 Hz with a maximum power consumption of 1.8 kW, this autoclave system delivers consistent performance. Pressure and temperature are meticulously controlled, with a working pressure of 2.1 Bar, a maximum pressure of 2.3 Bar, and a maximum process temperature of 137°C.

Safety is paramount, evidenced by its IP20 ingress protection rating and water conductivity of less than 15 μS/cm. Trust in the Enbio S Autoclave System for sterilization excellence that meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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