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Nitrous Vac

Nitrous Vac


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The NitrousVac is a powerful and versatile vacuum unit that is perfect for quickly aspirating non-flammable anesthetics. It is easy to transport or store, and sets up or disassembles in just a few minutes, making it the perfect solution for busy medical professionals.

The NitrousVac is lightweight and compact, yet still delivers powerful suctioning capability. Additionally, the detachable hose allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Whether you need to quickly remove anesthetic gases or keep your work area clean and tidy, the NitrousVac is up to the task.

The NitrousVac is a lightweight vacuum unit that allows the operator to quickly aspirate non-flammable anesthetics. The unit is easy to transport or store, and sets up or disassembles in a few minutes.

Shipping Size -26"x16"x19"
Shipping Weight- 43 lbs
Sound Level- 44 db @ 3 feet
Vacuum Flow- 5scfm
Vacuum inHg- 7 inhg
Voltage- 120Vac
Wattage- 348
Weight- 35 Lbs

Amperage- 6 Amps

Compressor Type- Oil-Free
Dimensions- 22"x14-1/2"x9"
Hertz -60 Hz
Horse Power- 1/3 Hp

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