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ProCart III

ProCart™ III mobile treatment console introduces the latest advancements in self-contained delivery systems technology into progressive dental practice.

ProCart™ III joins the growing family of other successful self-contained products from DNTLworks Equipment Corporation. Where can you implement the new ProCart™ III?  Increase your existing office’s productivity by expanding into unused areas.  Open a satellite office.  For new dentists, open your first practice without costly plumbing and electrical wiring expenses.

ProCart™ III is perfectly suited for other dental treatment locations.  Expand your vision to include hospitals, nursing homes, military installations, correctional facilities, community health centers, and other public health organizations.

 Advanced Features 

  • Variable speed foot control
  • Built-in amalgam separator.
  • Quick access to internal compartments.
  • Rounded corners and edges to make cleaning easier.
  • Locking rear casters.
  • Superior sound reduction.
  • Three separate oil-free pumps are built-in.
  • Compressor for handpieces and air/water syringe.
  • Vacuum pump for HVE and saliva ejector.
  • Waste purge pump for hands-free waste removal.​
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum chassis.
  • Two one-liter freshwater reservoirs.

Additional Features

  • Wet/Dry foot control disc.
  • Moisture separator for the compressed air.
  • Filtered exhaust air.
  • Waster material is filtered twice.
  • Three automatic handpiece positions.
  • Two automatic evacuation positions.
  • Extra electrical outlets inside and outside.
  • External air and water quick connect.
  • Convenient side maneuvering handles.
  • Easy-to-reach handpiece controls.
Electrical System
  • Voltage:     115 Volts / 60Hz (Model 2400)
  • 220 Volts / 50Hz (Model 2410)
  • Wattage:    1200 - 1440 Watts

Compressor System

  • Horsepower: 1/3 hp Oil-Free
  • Operating Pressure: 70 - 100 psi (4.8 Bar - 6.9 Bar)
  • Flow Rate: 2.5scfm @ 40 psi
  • Air Reservoir: 1 Gallon (3.8 Liters)

Vacuum System

  • Horsepower: 1/3 hp Oil-Free
  • Operating Pressure: 12" Hg
  • Flow Rate: 4.6 scfm
  • Waste Receptacle: 2 qt (1.9 Liters)

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