ProPak II Portable Delivery Unit



  • A lightweight, strong case with padded carrying handle.
  • Easily assembled, all components fit into the case with room to store additional supplies.
  • The unique, pull-out design of the control panel makes the unit easy to clean.
  • Easy to operate, color-coded controls.
  • Coiled or straight handpiece tubing.
  • Air/water syringe.
  • Self-contained water supply.
  • 1.9-liter waste container.
  • Adjustable, built-in AVS suction system 

Additional Features

  • Manual controls for one or two handpieces.
  • accommodates most brands of handpieces.
  • Non-retracting water coolant system with 1-liter reservoir.
  • Color-coded controls for easy identification, training, and utilization.
  • Lockable, ABS/Polycarbonate or ATA 300 rated cases. 


  • Case Size: 18.75" x 14.5" x 7.75"
  • Weight:  19 lbs
  • Containers:
  • Water: 1 liter (standard)
  • Waste:  2 liters


  • Handpiece
  • Tubing:  2 non-retractable four-hole connections, with a flush system 

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